Website UX & Interface Design for a Dental Clinic

I was commissioned to create a new website which would allow patients to easily access relevant information, such as payment options, patient resources, as well as to effortlessly make an appointment.

Since the doctor was the face of the clinic, it was important to feature him prominently and make the patients feel at ease, knowing that a real person stands behind the brand. 
Note: I’m using stock photography throughout my presentation in order to protect their privacy.

Dr Kur 4

The patients are immediately displayed a clear path and could choose whether they want to learn more about the doctor, learn about the procedures or make an appointment. In this section there is also an area for doctor’s who would like to submit a referral.

Dr Kur 5

The appointment form was strategically placed right under testimonials – giving patients an extra nudge in their decision making process.

The form allowed patients to select their preferred time and day of the week, making it easy for both them and the staff to easily confirm the appointment.

Dr Kur 7

It was extremely important that the financial information be easy to scan and find relevant information. That is why I opted for a simple design with clear headings, and the most important item featured on the right side.

Dr Kur 12
aleksandra gabric ui design
Form for submitting a referral

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