E-Commerce Store on Shopify

User Experience & User Interface Design

The client was a 100-year-old family-owned business that manufactures fine leather goods. Their goal was to increase their online sales, which required updating their website.
I was responsible for creating a new look that more acurately reflects their brand and speaks to their customers.

ecommerce store ui design

One of the main goals was to give a clear overview of product categories, and make sure users can easily access the area they’re interested in.

I created a filter which allowed users to pick their criteria and get the most relevant products.

Korchmar Portfolio 1

The product detail page contains detailed product descriptions, large, hi-res images and a clear call to action. I decided to keep clutter down to an absolute minimum so information is easy to digest, and customers are able to focus on the product itself.

Korchmar Portfolio 3

In most cases with e-commerce user interface design, checkout is the trickiest part. It needs to be effortless enough so that users don’t leave the page frustrated. The page gives an indication of where the buyer is in the process, as well as how many steps they have left. They also have the availability to go back to the previous step in case they missed something.

Korchmar Portfolio 2

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