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How to Know if Your Website is Outdated

Is Your Website Ready for 2015?


Almost all businesses in today’s modern world are using websites to help draw in potential customers. This is a great method to use, as there are so many people that have access to internet and can easily find what they’re looking for. However, it can be difficult to get your website to work for you and increase your profitability when it is outdated. Here are 4 common problems for the outdated website and ways to fix them:


  1. No Mobile Site

In today’s culture where everyone is using their phones more and more on a daily basis, your company will suffer tremendously if it does not provide a mobile site. Losing this kind of expansive market can definitely have adverse effects on your website and on your business in general. This can translate to less visitors, and a disappointing lack of profitability.


  1. Unappealing Web-Design


This particular symptom could be seen as more of a subjective issue, but if your website is not bringing in the kind of traffic and response that you want, then your web-design could indeed be the culprit. By ensuring that your web-design appeals to your target market in a very visual way, you’ll be able to draw in the kind of customers that you want and keep them there much more easily.


  1. Not Enough Social Media Involvement


Social media involvement is an absolute must-have for any business’s website that desires to see success. Having the right kind of social media marketing can greatly improve your website’s appeal and profitability; it can also have a great impact on your ability to connect with your target market and help improve your website’s overall reputation. By working with social media, you’re giving people the chance to get to know you a bit better, and help spread the word about your business.


  1. Confusing Code


Having a clean code is one of the main keys to success with any business’ website. When your code looks like a jumbled mess, it translates to a very unappealing appearance and poor functionality for your visitors. By intentionally going in and ensuring that every line of code is as clean and neat as it can possibly be, you’ll be setting yourself up for success now and in the long run.

Having an outdated website isn’t good for any business, but there are definitely ways to identify and solve the problems plaguing your website. We have a fantastic team available and ready to help you with any internet marketing needs that you may have right here at SmartCat Studio.


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