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Digital Agency: Short Guide for Finding The Perfect Match

Digital Agency: To Hire or Not to Hire

Every once in a while (okay, frequently) you’re exposed to the fast-talking sales lingo, which sounds all too enticing. I’ve lost count of entrepreneurs who’ve been down this road and unfortunately after much wasted time, energy and cash, find themselves spat out on the other side with little to show for it. I’ll admit, I’ve worked inside of these sale machines and the “return for money invested”, exceptionally spun propaganda, which they represent.


I’ve assembled a couple indications to search for when you’re looking for the assistance of an agency/expert who really knows what they’re doing.


  1. Request a complete and nitty-gritty presentation on how they will drive your relevant income streams. Industry compassion or readiness to learn is key here.


  1. Ask for confirmation of having done this before, if not the same business or vertical, something in connection with bits of knowledge into wins, client sections and transformations, and general verification of worth or accomplishment.


  1. Request a contact number of a happy client.


  1. In the event that they are using a computer in front of you, focus. If they open up Internet Explorer, get up and leave. No one who knows what they are doing is still an IE user.


  1. Look at the online networking profiles and blog of the digital agency you’re considering. (Do they practice what they preach?)


  1. Put their own website through a site grader like Website Grader or similar and see what score you get? You might see some red flags right there.


  1. Ask what their favorite blogs are, and on the off chance that they stop talking right then and there, it could be a reason to be concerned. Most online advertisers will exhaust you to death with their favorite bloggers, influencers and thought leaders. Their job is to keep up, after all.


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I am a UI Designer. I help companies build amazing products that solve problems and get customers excited.

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